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The big punt: Statistics tell the real story Whats really going on with sports betting in NZ?

Unlike fractions, decimal odds are the total return of your bet including the stake. For example, if you gamble $5 at 4.00, then you’ll receive $20 back (or a $15 profit). And because sports betting changed the perception of gambling to some degree, it coincided with, or perhaps it would be more accurate to suggest it was the catalyst for, a major rebrand of the TAB. Sports betting can add an extra dash of excitement to sports games, making even the most mundane matches more engaging, something every sports fan can rally behind. A bit of friendly advice where sports betting is concerned never goes amiss.

Frequently referred to as over/under betting, this type of market applies to plenty of sports including tennis, football and rugby to name a few. The winner and loser of each game doesn’t matter here, it’s all about the total points, runs or goals scored. Before you get started with sports betting sites in NZ, it’s good to know the betting basics – like how odds work. In New Zealand you’ll come across decimal odds mostly, but you might also see fractions and US moneyline style prices as standard.

Since there is a pandemic going on, you can place some bets on the Internet itself. Online casinos will definitely provide you with the information and with the services that you need, given that you register for their services. With new thrilling product features including large-scale and frequent jackpots, loyalty rewards, distinct and compelling sports promotions and exclusive slots. The new international product is available on desktop and mobile websites, with mobile applications scheduled before a national media launch in mid-September 2023.

ESports is a newer sub-category in sports betting, but it’s fast become one of the most popular in the world thanks to the younger generation, with millions tuning in to watch matches live. ESports involves professional teams of gamers in leading video games like Counter Strike, FIFA, World of Warcraft, King of Glory, StarCraft, eFighting, Rocket League, eTennis, eCricket, and NBA 2K. Allowing strategic basketball bettors to capture the opportunity for improved odds. Residents in New Zealand can wager on match winner, handicaps, will there be overtime, total points, draw no bet, race to 20 points, alternative handicaps, and more. These two sports are the most popular in the UK, but they’re also loved by those in New Zealand. Overall, there are 35 sports to bet on, including top football leagues, netball tournaments, and the biggest meets in horse racing.

So to claim these deals, customers must make a deposit and place a bet, and then will be able to receive their free bet. It’s like insurance and allows punters to place riskier wagers, knowing the sports betting sites are backing them up. Our list of top betting sites in NZ features some fun free bets, so punters can start with extra funds today.

Whether you’re more league or union, rugby is a hugely popular sport to bet on. International and national rugby events dominate the sports betting calendar, and any match that the All Blacks play always gain a lot of betting interest. Betting on rugby live adds excitement, with the quick-paced nature of the game creating special circumstances for bettors to take advantage of. Due to the stop-and-start nature of Rugby, the live markets can become suspended frequently, so punters need to be quick to secure the best odds. There’s no definite answer here, but the easiest sports to bet on are the ones you know best and have a great knowledge of. However, popular sports to bet on in New Zealand include rugby, cricket, football and basketball to name just a few.

For example, if you placed a $10 bet with 4.3 odds, then you’d get $43 back in winnings – this total would include your original stake. When it comes to football, bettors look to the New Zealand Football League as well as international leagues like the English premier league. Not forgetting there’s usually a buzz around the national team playing in the FIFA World Cup. New Zealand, though, only passed legislation to allow fixed odds betting on sports in 1996, which coincided with rugby turning professional.

Gone are the days when betting involved going to a bookmaker and waiting in a line. With the introduction of mobile betting apps, all you need to place a wager is a smartphone. The perks of betting online mean that you have 24/7 access to your favourite sportsbook as well as a wide variety of sporting events and games. When reviewing each sports betting site, we’ll be looking out for sites that are well optimised for mobile as well as the presence of a great sports betting app.

When we review the best online betting sites, we focus on various criteria to rate the platforms. To bet online, NZ residents can read our reviews, compare the best deals, and sign up at the best places suitable for their betting style. There are hundreds of operators providing services, but only a handful make it to our list of the top New Zealand sites. These are the sites that typically cover the best all-around experience, rather than only being strong in one sector or sports betting market. To keep punters happy, Bet365 offers a 100% sports match bonus of up to $100. Sports betting NZ fans can deposit $100, and the bookie will supply an extra $100 in free bets.