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About Us

We have been studying the Perro de Presa Canario breed (Later called Dogo Canario) since the 1990’s. We picked our first dog in 2001 (Still living with us today).  Later, at the 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 USA Monographicas (The National Championship for the Dogo / Presa Canario breed!), Jason was chosen as the “Comisario del Ring”, judges assistant, critique writer, MC, and translator for breed originators, expert judges, and aficionados such as Paloma Iglesias, Laura Asensi, Ricardo Oramas Miranda, Felipe Alberto Llano Palacios, and Salvador Serrano Anton.

We have traveled multiple times to Spain and the Canary Islands where Jason was twice chosen to be Ring Commissary in the World Championships (2008 and 2009 Spanish Monograficas) for the breed under judges, Ricardo Oramas Miranda, Salvador Serrano Anton, and Manuel Martin Bethencourt.

We have additionally, visited, conversed in person with (In many cases in their homes), and learned from other breeders and judges in the Canary Islands and Spain including, Agustin Lopez Melo, Miguel Angel Gonzalez Perez, Jacinto Martin Abrante, Vicente Gasco Correcher, Jose Ramon, Manuel Espinel, Jose Francisco Afonzo, Miguel Brito, Domingo Santana Santana, Jacinto Domingo, Querena Garcia, Concha, Eloisa, Alba and Eduardo Leon Penate, Ana Luisa Gonzalez Hernandez, Antonio Poleo, Nena and Pedro Miranda (Samcor), Pepe/Gloria/Edi/etc. from El Calabazo, and many more.

Jason and Rachelle of Las Islas de Doramas would like to formally thank these and other great breeders, judges, and aficionados in Spain, the Canary Islands, and in the United States for teaching us about this wonderful breed and assisting us in bringing about our program.  We are committed to carrying on the tradition of greatness that we have witnessed first hand!