Lone Star Rally -
Estela Wins First Place
September 25, 2012
Now accepting deposits! Monson X Estela!
December 4, 2012

Lone Star Rally

Two biker enthusiasts become Dogo Canario fans.


This past weekend Las Islas de Doramas ( represented the Dogo Canario Club of America at the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, TX.  The Rally is the largest four day biker rally in North America with 2011’s attendance topping 470,000 people. Over the course of the four day event we spoke with 1,000+ attendees about the Dogo Canario breed’s history, function, and qualities. Much interest was displayed for the breed by the attendees including Outlaw Dave who is one of Houston’s most well known radio personalities.

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  1. Robert Soliz says:

    Jason do you think you will be back to the Lone Star Rally next year?

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